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(25-29 June 2010, Catane)
Second National Meeting Web Marketing Centers


This year the most innovative web agencies meet each other at the Second National Meeting Web Marketing Centers, web marketing one-to-one centers of excellence.

The meeting, organized by SitoVivo srl and sponsored by IAB Italia, aim to endless and professional updating and the interchance of ideas and views about tools and strategies for a Web Marketing One-to-One, for a social marketing and a more easier business development.

Second National Meeting Web Marketing Centers >>

(26 May 2010, Milan)
SitoVivo at WebInTourism 2010 in Milan

WebInTourism 2010 is the most important event and meeting for professionals and consultants in the web tourism field; SitoVivo can't miss this importante date and it participated through his partner specialized in web tourism, Bizcomit Sas di Roberto Caporale.

Corso di Web Tourism

Web in Tourism...read more>>

(Milan, thursday the 15th of april 2010)
SitoVivo teaching for a day at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milano

Training is one of the three assets Sitovivo considers as fundamental (with tools and consultancy) and the basis of web marketing one to one. Eng. Fabio Pagano, the company CEO & Product Manager, has teached for one day at the Almed master on "communication, digital marketing and interactive advertising". The event has been organized by Almed, the media communication and show school leading the master and by the università cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan in cooperation with IAB, Interactive advertising bureau.

Corso di Web Analytics

Web Marketing Master>>

(Catania, 11th - 12th of December 2009)
Training Course of SitoVivo

The formative course taked place in Catania the 11th and 12th of december, and completed the cycle of convention, seminars and formative meetings organised by sitovivo for own partners and customer for the year 2009.

Corso di Web Analytics

(Novembre 2009)
Behavioural Marketing: Cocktail Anti-crisi.

primo convegno nazionale sitovivoOn the occasion of the Milano Iab Forum (the 3th and 4th November 2009), Eng. Fabio Pagano presented the new Suite SitoVivo area assigned to:
Behavioural Marketing.
NetForum, a magazine specialized on internet and new media dedicated an article in its special edition with this title: Behavioural Marketing: Cocktail Anti-crisi.

click here and read the article>>


(Turin, July 2009)
Training Course SitoVivo
Strategies and Tools for One-to-One Web Marketing

The 10th Web Marketing Center Course, dedicated to the new partners and customer SitoVivo taked place in Turin was oriented to training on One-to-One Web Marketing.


(June 2009, Milano)
SITOVIVO® takes part in Gt Conference at the Bocconi University with this speech:
"The Web Analytics and the Analyst: estimate, check and analyse".

netcomm eba forumA lot of speakers, case histories and an audience extremely active: these are the ingredients of the GT Conference organized at the Luigi Bocconi University the 19th and 20th of June 2009.

Among the other speechs, also the intervention of Eng. Fabio Pagano, CEO & Product Manager of SitoVivo srl, whit this title: "Web Analytics and the Analyst".


(Catania, 22th - 26th of May 2009)
Fist National Web Marketing Center Convention

primo convegno nazionale sitovivoSitoVivo Srl organised the first National Web Marketing Centers Convention: Advanced strategy and innovative tools for One-to-One Web Marketing,  it is an event with the patronage of IAB Italy, the event received a commendation letter of Department for Education and Skills, for University and Research of Italian Republic.


(Riccione, 7th and 8th December 2008)
SitoVivo Sponsor and speaker at 3rd GT Convention

netcomm eba forumConvegno GT is an italian event setted and organized by web marketing and SEO professional member of Giorgiotave.it community.
Forum GT listen the evolution of ITC and represent a virtual lab to share ideas and opinions. SitoVivo take part as sponsor, speaker and exhibitor. The speech of Fabio Pagano focus on One-to-One Cart Tracking & Optimization, new features of SitoVivo Suite.


(Turin, 28 e 29 Novembre 2008, Torino)
SitoVivo Web Marketing Centers For Agencies

7 Edition, November 2008

netcomm eba forumThe course lasted two days, Friday 28 and Saturday 29 november 2008 and the participants were important companies operating in the field of the web and the ICT, interested in improving their knowledge and experience in the
web marketing one-to-one field.

Many speaker talked about very interesting subjects:
Giorgio Taverniti, founder of ForumGT, ConvegnoGT and Gtidea, with his experience about SEO, talked about “New algorithm for Link Popularity”, he gave directions and useful advices to manage efficiently this features; Nicola Briani, charter member of ComputerVarNet, discussed about Ecommerce Cart Tracking, explained how to reduce cart dispersion and how to count the ROI of promotional actions; in the end, Daniele Bogiatto, talked about new chance for business in the Social Networks, other than ebay, Facebook.

Next edition of Web Marketing Center Course, is scheduled for spring 2009.


(Milan, 5th e 6th november 2008)
SitoVivo sponsor IAB Forum 2008

netcomm eba forum

SitoVivo took part, like the past year, in the IAB Forum 2008, the most important event reserved to web marketing, interactive communication and creativity for new media. The convention took place in Milan, the 5th and 6th november.

SitoVivo sponsored the event and had an exhibition area. It received countless enquires from guests and potential partners.

SitoVivo’s show-piece was the presentation of the SitoVivo Suite New Release, the integrated software for the web marketing one-to-one, with a new usable and intuitive layout and others functions as the new tool SMS Marketing.

As usually, the Iab Forum has been a very important moment and a great opportunity to establish profitable ways of collaborating with companies operating in this sector.
Moreover it gives us a great visibility: we can involve a lot of web and advertising agencies in our partnership program” said Fabio Pagano, Ceo & Product Manager in SitoVivo Srl.

This event is composed by an exhibition area and a
turn of workshops and meeting dedicated to interactive communication and web marketing in Italy. Iab Italy is the italian branch of Interactive Advertising Bureau.
The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is comprised of more than 375 leading media and tec
hnology companies and is dedicated to the growth of the interactive advertising marketplace, of interactive’s share of total marketing spend, and of its members’ share of total marketing spend. The IAB educates marketers, agencies, media companies and the wider business community about the value of interactive advertising. Working with its member companies, the IAB evaluates and recommends standards and practices and fields critical research on interactive advertising. SitoVivo is partner Iab since 2006.

The company, as of 2003 choosed to specialize in the Web Marketing One-to-One field, in order to support the company aim and the customer strategies. Associated with IAB and WBA, SitoVivo is supported by a network of partner agencies.

(Mexico, June 2008)
SitoVivo internationalization is about to start

netcomm eba forumSitoVivo Internationalization starts from Mexico, where Fabio Pagano, Ceo and Product Manager, has been in June in order to accomplish commercial partnership with local digital marketing companies.

Principally, the Zutri Consulting Firm, consulting company in graphic and technologic fields, with several international customers.

SitoVivo trained in spanish the company in order to sell the Web Marketing Suite in the mexican area and to use aptly this instrument for their customers.

The training course focused on technical, commercial and marketing issues and practical exercises in order to really understand the SitoVivo Suite and its functions.

For more information, you can read “El Sol de Puebla”, national newspaper that published an article about SitoVivo and the web marketing one-to-one. During Directa, the convention organized, like every year, by IAB Mexico, Fabio Pagano presented the SitoVivo solutions to Arturo Huerta, President of Mercadotecnia Directa, and to the other guests, obtaining business propositions from a lot of web agencies in the Centre and in the South of America.

The mexican Market is very promising and ready to receive the web marketing one-to-one innovations. It’s a honour for us to work with the Zutri Consulting Firm, the New SitoVivo Partner for Mexico. In this company I find remarkable competences, professionality and enthusiasm: the right mixture for working and growing with SitoVivo, and the right partner for beginning this new challenge” said Fabio Pagano when return in Italy.

The SitoVivo Partnership will help us to strenght our services and products and our strategic marketing. We’are working on integration between Empathee and SitoVivo Suite”, affirmed Javier Zúñiga Utrilla, CEO di Zutri Consulting Firm. The next edition in Mexico of the “Web Marketing One-to-One Course” will be in december 2008.

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(Turin, 17th and 18th April 2008)
6th Web Marketing Center course

netcomm eba forum

SitoVivo, some companies from its Network and new agencies ready to be signed up had an important meeting in Turin: the sixth Web Marketing Center course.  It was an important chance to train new partners and reinforce the bond with the already active companies.

As usually, it has been very important the participation of relevant external personalities. Daniele Bogiatto, Ebay Italy’s super-expert, spoke about the platform capabilities and the interchange great opportunities with the traditional e-commerce services. If Bogiatto is a consolidate presence, because of his adhesion to the Network during the last course edition, it was a very pleasant news the speech of the lawyer Nicola Sbrenna and Dr Andrea Guarini, who spoke about privacy and copyright’s problems on the web.

netcomm eba forum netcomm eba forum netcomm eba forum netcomm eba forum

(April 2008) SitoVivo reviewed on DailyNet in April

netcomm eba forum


"It will take place in Turin on the 17th and 18th of April 2008 the first meeting between SitoVivo and its new partners (agencies and professionals of  web marketing) for the sixth one-to-one web marketing course.

It will be possible to take part until Thursday the 10th of April 2008. As in the previous editions, it is scheduled an external speakers participation, to even more deepen the issues of the course …"

click here to see the content >>

(Florence 8th-9th December 2007) SitoVivo attends the 2nd GT conference

netcomm eba forum

SitoVivo took part in the 2nd GT Conference, an important event for experts and companies operating in the online marketing sector. Among the many participants that livened up this two-day event in Florence, the contribution of Fabio Pagano, SitoVivo's CEO, and Giovanni Quaglino, SitoVivo's Head of Marketing, deserve a mention.

Fabio Pagano discussed the secrets of successful Email Marketing, which is based on one-to-one interaction logic and on innovative ideas, such as the analysis of non-completed trolleys in e-commerce websites.

On the other hand, Giovanni Quaglino, with his collegue's assistance, discussed the marketing mix plan successfully applied to an e--commerce website. This contribution met with a triumphant response and aroused considerable interest among those present, who livened up the closing forum with their questions and in-depth inquiries.

(Torino 30th November and 1st December 2007,)
Fifth Web Marketing Center course

netcomm eba forum

The 5th Web Marketing Center course has come to a close, during which new partner companies were signed up and staff from companies already active in the SitoVivo Network were trained.

Prominent personalities, such as
Ebay Italy's super-expert and PayPal's Business Development Manager, spoke at this year's course. They greatly enriched the course, which has met with increasing success each year and received an enthusiastic response.

Participants' feedback has in fact been extremely positive. Some have also expressed their wish for more training to take place in their sectors with their clients.

(November 2007) SitoVivo reviewed on NetForum in November

netcomm eba forum

SitoVivo and its network of partners were reviewed in November's NetForum. The company, photographed in their stand at Smau2007, introduced the network of marketing and media professionals working throughout Italy.

The Web Marketing Centers were given particular emphasis: these are centres of excellence, created by SitoVivo, that assist their clients with thorough and professional advice aimed at attaining the company's goals.

The current partners were also mentioned, who benefit from the high profile that SitoVivo can guarantee them and who enjoy the trust of their end clients, knowing they can rely on their area partner without hesitation.

click here to see the content >>

(Milan 7th - 8th November 2007 ) SITOVIVO at the IAB Forum

netcomm eba forum

SitoVivo met potential clients and partner companies at the Iab Forum. Many important groups took part in this event, including Google, Yahoo and Virgilio. This was a great opportunity to establish profitable ways of collaborating with companies operating in this sector, as well as a chance for SitoVivo to meet those looking for a successful partner with whom to expand their online business.

Numerous top-level companies took part, showing considerable interest in SitoVivo's services and types of partnership. In fact, some of them immediately subscribed to the fifth Web Marketing Center Course.

netcomm eba forumnetcomm eba forum netcomm eba forum netcomm eba forum

(Milan 17th - 20th October) SITOVIVO at SMAU

netcomm eba forum

Following the excellent outcome of SMAU 2003, SitoVivo returned to SMAU in 2007 where it met with great success. SitoVivo, assured a place on NetForum's October cover, received countless enquires at its stand from those interested in the potential of the innovative Suite of integrated web marketing tools.

SitoVivo's show-piece was the presentation of the new Customer Area: totally revamped both graphically and technologically, boasting new state-of-the-art technology such as Ajax and Web 2.0 methodologies.

netcomm eba forumnetcomm eba forum netcomm eba forumnetcomm eba forum

( Rimini 12th - 14th October 2007) SITOVIVO and its partners at TTG

netcomm eba forum

SitoVivo and two of its partners for the Web Marketing Center programme were the leading players of an interesting co--marketing operation in Rimini, at the TTG: the most important event for online tourism operators.

This operation was planned and carried out by the company, together with its partners in the sector, and was an interesting experience from which all those taking part derived great benefits.

Nitida Comunicazione, a partner from Ravenna, and Agasystem, from Perugia, confident of their experience in the sector, presented successful case studies where SitoVivo's principles and web marketing tools have been applied.

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(October 2007) SitoVivo makes the cover of NetForum

netcomm eba forum

SitoVivo is featured on the cover of the October issue of NetForum magazine.

In addition to the cover, where we can see Fabio Pagano, four pages of the magazine were devoted to the company.

The Cover Story describes SitoVivo's success and its innovative services, as well as relating the company's growth (from its birth and the creation of the Web Marketing Centers, up to future scenarios with overtures to international markets).

In this issue the company management presented, among other themes, its Network of Partner Companies, and the advantages of SitoVivo's exclusive Suite and of web marketing mix's policies.

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(Torino, 6th - 7th July 2007) Fourth Web Marketing Center course

Enthusiastic comments by all participants followed the Fourth Web Marketing Center Course, during which agreements were signed with new SitoVivo partner companies.

This two-day event was devoted to an in-depth study of the full potential of the SitoVivo Suite and its possible integration into the companies' marketing operations. All companies proved themselves fully aware of the huge advantages that such a top-level technological tool can guarantee to their own as well as to their clients' business.

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(Milan, 19th - 20th June 2007) SITOVIVO® attends and participates in Ebaforum and Netcomm

netcomm eba forumSitoVivo attended this two-day event organised by Wireless, as a sponsor of Ebaforum (Everything But Advertising Forum) and Netcomm, the event that attracts Italy's most important E-Commerce operators.

As well as having its own stand, SitoVivo benefited from the high-profile given to the speech by Engineer Fabio Pagano, CEO & Product Manager of SitoVivo, on the need to personalise communication, entitled: “One-to-One Web Marketing: customizing communication”

netcomm eba forumnetcomm eba forum netcomm eba forumnetcomm eba forum

(Milano 29th - 30th MAy 2007) SITOVIVO® takes part in Search Engine Strategies

sesSitoVivo took part as Opinion Leader in Search Engine Strategies, the most important event for Search Engine specialists.

Engineer Fabio Pagano, CEO & Product Manager of SitoVivo, gave a speech entitled:Auditing pay-per-click results and fraudulent clicks,” in which representatives from leading international companies also took part.

The Forum met with great success, due to the importance of the topic and the high quality of the contributions.

click here to see the content>>

(June 2006) First Web Marketing Center course


The first WMC course for SitoVivo partners concluded 10th June 2006.

(June 2005) SITOVIVO® features in the JUNE 2005 issue of NET FORUM

Engineer Fabio Pagano, CEO of SitoVivo Srl, was interviewed for the June 2005 issue of NET FORUM, where he discussed the One-to-One Web Marketing philosophy on which the SITOVIVO suite is based.

The article illustrated the innovation of SITOVIVO's products, as well as describing why this is a winning marketing philosophy.

read the article: netforum.pdf
click here to read the interview in full

(December 2004) the SITOVIVO® SUITE for one-to-one web marketing is born

SITOVIVO® presents:
the first professional suite of tools for

The SITOVIVO Suite is composed of modular tools, fully integratable with each other:

1- SV Online Assistance
SV User Statistics
SV Email Marketing
SV Web Marketing Intelligence

The shift in communication broadens the concept of online assistance, adding three extra modules, integrated with each other through a single central archive.

Users can be identified regardless of the communication channel used or the promotional source they originated from.
This new communication is also launched in national magazines.

click here to see November 2004 campaign
click here to see December 2004 campaign

(November 2004) SITOVIVO is featured in Internet Magazine

SITOVIVO software was featured in the November 2004 issue of INTERNET MAGAZINE, in a 6-page article mentioned on the cover.
The focus was on real-time interaction and targeted offers, based on a visitor's interests. A case study of one of our e-commerce clients (allacortedibacco.com) was also cited as as example.

click here to read an extract of the article

(September 2004) SITOVIVO's promotional launch

A promotional campaign has been launched in industry magazines: SITOVIVO online assistance "Today has assisted 992* web users online, with SITOVIVO.COM." The campaign focused on assistance cost reduction, image improvement and user retention.

This communication was mainly aimed at Call Centers linked to websites.

click here to read an extract of the new campaign

(September 2004) SITOVIVO expands its technological infrastructure

SITOVIVO has improved its product range for the Italian market to provide even more quality, reliability and efficiency for the services it supplies: SITOVIVO has purchased state-of-the-art IBM Multiprocessor computers with guaranteed connectivity and bandwidth in Italy's Internet nerve centre: Milan MIX.

click here for more details on our latest quality technology


(May - June 2004) Opening of new Turin branch

SITOVIVO opened a new branch in the north-west of Italy as part of its commercial and technical expansion:
Torino, via Filadelfia 162, is a new focal point to meet the needs of our clients from the north and centre of Italy.

Our new branch, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, is connected throughout with 10Mbps optical fibre that provides high efficiency and reliability in the monitoring of our systems.

(Milan 2nd - 6th October 2003) SITOVIVO® at SMAU 2003


SITOVIVO S.r.l. meets Italy's technology entrepreneurs and businessmen in the “Software, Applications and Services” area, Pavilion 19 - Stand A45; from 2nd to 6th October 2003.

It will also show a demo of SITOVIVO services throughout

(July-August 2003) SITOVIVO® featured in INTERNET MAGAZINE

SITOVIVO software was featured in the July-August 2003 issue of INTERNET MAGAZINE, in the PROFESSIONAL section.

The article introduced the programme's potential, as well as citing the case study of the Regione Piemonte and CSEA, for whom www.sitovivo.com provided its online assistance service for their conference "Le briglie della chimera"

The news was also featured on the cover!

read the article: sitovivo.pdf

(30th June 2003) Co-editing

SITOVIVO's new solution: our clients can finally share web forms with those navigating their websites.

With SITOVIVO, you can now see what users are writing, correct or complete incorrect fields - whether text, checkboxes, radio or other.

All this, even before the form is sent to the company.

This will provide valuable help to e-commerce companies: no more full trolleys or unsent forms!

Even more valuable support for e-government websites: users will be assisted in real time when filling out the most complicated forms!

(May 2003) SITOVIVO® at WEBB.IT, Padua!

On 9th, 10th and 11th May 2003, at Padua's WEBB.IT Fair, SITOVIVO s.r.l. presented its innovative CRM software, called SITOVIVO®.

We had a 16 square metre stand, and explained the workings of our system in 3 seminars:

Identify, monitor and interact with your website users in real time: software solutions for personalised communication and one-to-one marketing.

e-service, e-commerce, e-government, e-learning, e-technical: software solutions for new web communication methods.

“Is your website alive?”: the software solution for real-time online customer care.

Two case studies, on private company Fox&Parker and on public body Regione Piemonte, were described during some of the seminars.


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