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SITOVIVO© is issued in ASP (Application Service Provider) mode, which allows you to use our service at a reduced rate. Our service is supplied directly from our servers, and is continually monitored and updated.

Applet technology has serious implications for two main reasons:
- applets depend exclusively on the type of JavaVM used, i.e. the type of integrated browser and JVM. Compatibility is therefore seriously compromised and strongly linked to the type of browser and JVM used by visitors.
- applets require significant downloading time and make navigating around the website slower.

SITOVIVO© is 98% server-side, with no applets for visitors.


We only use high quality servers: high performance IBM multiprocessor computers, which are checked 24/7 by our highly qualified technical staff.

This guarantees a prompt solution to any technical problems.
SITOVIVO service is intended for Companies that require a guaranteed and superior efficiency, quality and professionalism.


Thanks to a direct connection to the Italian MIX and the International BackBone, SITOVIVO guarantees optimum availability of its applications. Not only from Italy, but also from the rest of the world.

The infrastructure's security is also guaranteed by:
- Access to the datacenter with a personal badge
- Biometric access control
- Video surveillance
- Alarm connected to an external security company
- Safety and redundancy
- Power unit
- Inert gas fire-extinguishing system
- Dedicated and redundant air conditioning system


Since connectivity also plays an important role, especially in real-time applications, such as real-time interaction and monitoring systems, SITOVIVO has chosen to position its computers in the most strategic location for Italian connectivity: the building where the MilanMix is also located, and to which our computers are connected with fibre optic cable (all main Italian and international Carriers are connected to this location).

From datacenters to the heart of the Internet

The datacenters from which SITOVIVO supplies its services are safe, redundant and high bandwidth. Our servers are connected to three Datacenters located in Milan, Paris and London, connected together by a 155 Mbps redundant double ring.

The web farm where SITOVIVO's servers are housed is located in the same building as the Italian MIX (Milan Internet eXchange). Six fibre optic couples link the server to the neutral exchange point.

Just a Hop away from the Mix: speed

Our computers are just a Hop away from the Italian MIX, which makes them easily reachable from any main national Carrier.
Our servers are connected to the principal international exchange points, such as: MIX, SFINX, MAE-Paris, FreeIX, PARIX, LINX; and benefit from a peering policy with all major national and international operators (over 150).

We have two separate connections with the American Continent: Palo Alto and Washington, through three 45 Mbps lines.
A further international BackUp line enables the system to pass automatically to the emergency network if the main line slows down.

A modular internet bandwidth capacity

SITOVIVO can increase Internet bandwith in real time to provide our clients with the best possible service.


To access the following services on the web, SITOVIVO requires the use of a normal browser (you will need a password):

SITOVIVO User Statistics
SITOVIVO Email Marketing
SITOVIVO Web Marketing Intelligence

SITOVIVO Online Assistance
is, however, a three-level client/server system:

1- Operator Console 

The Operator Console is composed of a large client application for Windows. It uses specifically dedicated ports and connects via the Internet to SITOVIVO.COM's servers, through which operators can obtain real time updates on the visitor situation for the monitored website.

2- Visitor Console

Visitors just use their browsers (port 80), with cookies enabled, (e.g. Microsoft Internet Explorer). They don't need to download applets or any kind of plugin, which makes browsing extremely transparent.
The system therefore also works when a firewall is present.

3- SitoVivo.com's Server

98% of the application's logic is supplied by our servers in ASP mode.

4- ClientSite.it/.com

A few, simple lines of html are added to the website that the client wishes to monitor. These, through the user's browser, call the SitoVivo.com servers.

This implies that the band used by the SITOVIVO system is completely loaded onto our servers and, therefore, DOESN'T slow browsing on the monitored website.


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