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SitoVivo, Italy's specialist in strategic consultancy services and in the development of state-of-the-art IT solutions for relational web marketing, is creating a vast network of partner companies. Thanks to SITOVIVO's continuous assistance and training, and to our staff's acknowledged experience and to the invaluable operational tools provided, our partners aim to deliver high added value services with top quality standards.
Web marketing network
Web Marketing Training
innovative TOOLS for
One-to-One Web Marketing
SitoVivo organises this event to meet its partners and pass on its advanced knowledge of one-to-one web marketing .

During this two-day event, speakers skilled in e-business (business, marketing and communication, computer programming and systems theory) provide an in-depth look at:
  • Web and Internet market evolution;

  • Winning One-to-One Marketing philosophy;

  • Marketing and Web communication Strategies;

  • Business Strategies for SitoVivo's Services;

  • How to Use and Personalise Sitovivo's Tools;

  • Real Case Studies on specific clients.
The lectures have been held by some of Italy's leading web marketing figures. This has moreover given SitoVivo's partners further points for reflection, as well as providing a chance to meet and to share projects, ideas, agreements and cooperation possibilities within the Network itself.
Contributions were given by:

Daniele Bogiatto - EBAY ITALY’S Super-expert
Daniele Bogiatto has been named EBAY ITALY’S "Super-expert"; he is the only one who is entitled to take this qualification in Italy. Ebay wanted to guarantee its user the possibility to relate with a real, prepared and constantly up-to-date specialist of Ebay world.
" ... The collaboration with SitoVivo is born from my need of an high-level company, that could support me and my training activity, as Ebay Italy’s super-expert.

SitoVivo’s systems and staff satisfied my expertise request, convincing me to become a partner, taking part at the WMC partnership programme... "

Dirk Pinamonti - PAYPAL Business Development Manager
PayPal is the online payments leader, with 35 millions of active accounts in Europe in 2007 and a quickly increase of the sellers and buyers. The 23% of the online European buyers consider PayPal the preferred online payment system for any kind of transactions.
"... I consider extremely useful and interesting the tools developed by SitoVivo. In particular, thinking of our customers, I find the e-commerce tracking system exceptional, for example, for the possibility of know the uncompleted shopping carts’ economic value, that provides strategic information about the visitors’ requirements…"

Nicola Sbrenna and Andrea Guarini - Professor of Commercial Law and Anti-Trust Law Doctoral Candidate
Two authoritative voices in the Right field connected with the Internet world. They liked to provide their contribute about two delicate issues, that often have been considered negligently by the Internet operators: the Copyright Protection and the Privacy Code. Andrea Guarini is also the author of the book: “Rating e Ranking” about the markets transparency
Lawyer Sbrenna: " ... The use of SitoVivo, in cooperation with the customer for the privacy management, can efficiently integrate marketing and data security”.

Dr. Guarini: " ... Privacy is a very delicate issue. The consultants should be prepared and provide all the information the customer needs. For this reason, I find this course fundamental".  

Giulio Finzi - Founder, President and Managing Director of DISPLAY
Display SpA is an Internet company founded in 1999 and is divided into two branches: and Web Solution, which arranges Web consultancy for companies. Display has recently signed an agreement for the creation and management of Shopping Channels for Repubblica, MSN Italy, Espresso, Kataweb and Fastweb.
" .. SitoVivo's systems not only allow the accurate tracking of all transactions, but function also as an independent means of guaranteeing the reliability of all data provided, since it originates from a third party, not simply from Costameno and its partners.
This reinforces the quality of Costameno's solutions even further by improving its image, in terms of openness towards its clients, and by significantly reducing causes of disputes between parties. .."
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Marcello Tansini - Head of Marketing at was originally created as a webite for webmasters but, in just a few months, it became a reliable benchmark for computer programmers, graphic designers, website administrators and, in general, for all IT Professionals. Today is one of the three most important webites devoted to IT in Italy.
" .. SitoVivo is a professional tool that helps you trace returns on any web promotional activity and/or advertising.
Its ability to automatically profile users, according to each single user's interests and habits, allows companies to send targeted messages, therefore optimising operational costs and enhancing results.
Furthermore, the click-fraud detection tool enables the identification of fraudulent clicks, so excluding them from the supplier's bill..."

Web Marketing Training
These are the comments of some companies that have already taken part in WMC Training :
The participants ... web marketing center

Real Case Studies ... internet marketing

Business strategies ...
strategie web

Restricted entry Course ...
Corso web marketing

Two-way discussion ... corso internet marketing

Two-way discussion... webmarketing

The participants ... Lo Staff SitoVivo

The participants ...
Corso web marketing

External speakers ... corso internet marketing

External speakers ...webmarketing

SitoVivo's Staff ... Lo Staff SitoVivo
We found the identification and profiling of each single visitor utterly amazing. If visitors were not monitored by SitoVivo, they would appear as anonymous and indistinguishable users.
The business approach was helpful, especially when submitting the tools to prospects.

The close examination of real case studies was very interesting: it highlighted possible uses of the SitoVivo Suite - in terms of marketing.
Excellent location and overall planning of the course.
Claudia Lanza
(Web Marketing Consultant)
Benedetto Colicci
(Web Marketing
ENIWEB - Treviso
I believe there are many excellent opportunities for using this tool, which can be applied to diverse e-business models.

Thanks to the high added value services that can be delivered through SitoVivo's systems, in a just a few months my company was able to positively differentiate the solutions on offer, and closed several very important and lucrative deals.
Mauro Vedovato
(Eniweb Associate)
COJFA - Perugia
The many possible uses of SitoVivo's Suite are very appealing, as well as the potential for increasing customer retention rates through innovative added value services with high diversification capacity.

In my opinion the business and webmarketing topics tackled were excellent.
Mary Mancinelli
(Web Marketing Consultant)
EZCONS - Naples
There was an excellent balance between the subjects that were dealt with: very useful business guidelines, and crucial and highly valued webmarketing ones.

It was an outstanding experience that should be repeated periodically to take a further in-depth look at technical and marketing matters.
Roberto Russo
(Owner of Ezcons)
One of the product's great strengths is the fact that the various modules of the Suite can be integrated, as well as its ability to profile each single individual, even unregistered users.
It was an excellent course held by precise and competent speakers.

I have learned about new aspects of webmarketing and I believe that SitoVivo is an outstanding product, which can be offered to our clients in addition to our usual services.
Thanks for an excellent training experience.
Gianluca Borgarelli
(Owner of AgaSystem)
ARYMIR - Varese
Applications and improvements made possible by the Web Marketing Intelligence module.
I found the business topics
especially interesting, as well as the in-depth look at the technical aspects of webmarketing.
Roberto Vigiani
(Director of Arymir)
NITIDA Comunicazione - Ravenna
Functionalities of the Web Marketing Intelligence module.

Excellent course. It should be repeated periodically for technical updates as well as to compare web marketing and web communication strategies.
Maria Luisa Biolcati Rinaldi
(Owner of Nitida Comunicazione)

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