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SitoVivo, One-to-One Integrated Solutions

      Many companies specialize in sending newsletters, others in web statistics, others in online chatting systems, still others in advertising campaign analysis.

      But how many of these companies can cover all four areas with one integrated solution and guarantee results which are not just the sum of the parts, but the result of the integration of all these applications?

     SitoVivo Suite does just that, offering one-to-one web marketing tools and integrating the following elements into a single solution:

  • identification
  • monitoring
  • real-time interaction
  • analysis of individual access statistics
  • user profiling
  • sending of targeted emails
  • promotional investment analysis

This is the concept at the heart of, for example, Microsoft Office, in which all applications are compatible with each other, so that data can be imported from Excel into Word, integrated into PowerPoint and so forth, in any combination as required by the client.

     SitoVivo was created out of the passion of a group of friends, some graduated in Informatics Engineering, others in Media Studies, almost all from the Politecnico di Torino.

     The advantage of our Suite lies in the fact that we can carry out one-to-one web marketing focusing on each user's interests. We can, therefore go beyond the concept of mass marketing and address single individuals according to their specific needs.

     By putting their trust in SitoVivo our clients can, for example, send targeted emails to each of their users, follow their movements from when they click on a link to when they enter the website, and monitor their journey up to order placement or other target.

     We can also identify users by means of a specially created user log (only for those who have cookies enabled and as prescribed by the privacy law), which allows us to associate a specific identity to an exact behaviour profile according to:

  • browsing habits on the website;
  • whether orginating from a promotional campaign (and/or from keywords in a search engine);
  • response to each promotional communication.

     This allows companies to maximise their investments through targeted advertising campaigns

  • in real-time

with instant customized pop-up messages or through online assistance with an operator

  • at a later time (via email).

     The option of real-time online assistance for your clients completes the Suite. Any user entering a website monitored by SitoVivo is immediately recognised by an operator who will identify them personally, if the user has been previously registered.

     The operator can monitor the user's movements online and assist them at each stage, including helping in filling out web forms.

     The Suite also includes an effective Anti-fraud System, which can help our clients to maximise their Pay-per-Click advertising investments, by identifying each individual fraudulent access to the website.

     We have numerous applications, and a large number of companies are already using this unique and revolutionary Suite with excellent results.

     Enthusiasm, experience, expertise and commitment distinguish SitoVivo's Staff who, working side-by-side with online companies, are sure in the knowledge that they always provide significant added value to the standard solutions offered by the market.

Engineer Fabio Pagano
CEO SitoVivo S.r.l.

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