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What is Sitovivo?| How does it work?| Why?| Who is it for?| Terms of Use


WHAT IS SV Online Assistance?

SITOVIVO® Online Assistance
is a piece of software, a system and also a new way of communicating, which allows you to give online assistance to your website's visitors in real time. Effective for any kind of application:

SITOVIVO® Online Assistance allows your company's operators to communicate directly with users, on a one-to-one basis, so meeting the need for a complete and immediate exchange of information online.

HOW DOES SV Online Assistance WORK?

Visitors to your website will see a link to real-time online assistance (like the one on the right of this web page). A chat window will open, with an introductory welcome message, when a visitor clicks on this link. An operator will then begin to give real-time online support.

The operator can then answer visitor's questions, help them browse through your website by sending web pages to the user with the help of specially provided logs. These logs are organized and customized in advance, and can include predefined sentences as well as web addresses.

The operator can check, both during and after a user's visit: where a visitor came from, the number of pages visited and relevant web addresses, browsing time and chat time (if applicable).

Details of returning users' visits can be traced back, allowing operators to have a more personal rapport with users. All data, in fact, including 'chat' data, will be recorded and will be available at any time: a valuable resource for prospective web marketing operations!

WHY USE SITOVIVO SV Online Assistance

it allows you to better support your clients and/or users with real-time ONE-TO-ONE interaction;

it is a valuable tool which will allow you to monitor access to your website in real time, as well as to store this data for later analysis: this useful information will allow you to improve your online service;

it allows you to improve your corporate image, and to increase customer satisfaction;

it allows operators to handle various users' problems simultaneously, affording your company significant savings.




WHO IS SV Online Assistance FOR?

For e-commerce websites
which will provide clients with an online sales assistant who will be at their disposal in real time, improving corporate profile, encouraging trust, personalising services and carrying out live up-selling and cross-selling;

For Information Technology Companies
which will be able to provide remote assistance to clients, reducing costly business trips;

For financial and credit institutions
which will be able to support clients using internet banking services and/or use SITOVIVO® as an in-house assistance tool;

For real-time distance learning courses
SITOVIVO® will facilitate the development of new e-learning services;

For public services
which will better handle requests from members of the public, and in real time, by providing online assistance;

For Webmasters, ISPs and Call Centres
which will offer their clients two additional services: website management and real-time monitoring.

SV Online Assistance TERMS OF USE

SITOVIVO© Onlineassistance is provided in ASP (Application Service Provider) mode, resulting in a lower cost to our clients. Our service is supplied directly form our servers, and is constantly monitored and updated.

This means our online assistance service can be set up on your website extremely rapidly and with no initial investments. You will also enjoy the benefits of continual free updates.

You will be charged a reasonable monthly fee for the SITOVIVO© Online assistance service. This fee will vary according to the number of operators, the amount of traffic on your website and the number of monitored websites. It will also depend on the type of licence chosen (BASIC or ADVANCED or integrated solutions: LIGHT, STANDARD, PROFESSIONAL or ENTERPRISE). The following prices refer to one operator working on one website with average traffic.

Operators can log in from different workplaces using the same licence, but not simultaneously. Different websites can be checked from the same workplace. An additional 20% of the monthly fee will be charged for each extra website.


What is Sitovivo?| How does it work?| Why?| Who is it for?| Terms of Use

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What is Sitovivo?| How does it work?| Why?| Who is it for?| Terms of Use
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