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SITOVIVO User Statistics

SV User Statistics is the first revolutionary system that processes single user navigation patterns and enables specific one-to-one marketing .

SITOVIVO User Statistics

Innovative Features:
Personal user identification
Single user access report
All traditional statistics reports in real time

Single user conversation report

  (together with SV Online Assistance)


Innovative feature: People, not just numbers!


SV User Statistics is based only on visitors identifiable on three levels: through IP, cookies and personal data association.
  • First identification level: through IP
    You can track in real time
    For assigned static IPs:
    to which Company, Institution or Country the visitor belongs .
    For dynamic IPs:
    which provider is used - e.g. ADSL, duplex phone cable, fibre optic, Carrier used: e.g. Tiscali, Telecom, Libero Infostrada, Wind.
  • Second level of identification: done with cookies.
    Within a particular company network or carrier, a particular web user can be identified by information that the operator can then memorise in its personal user data.
  • Third level of identification: done with Personal Data
    You will be able to assign to a specific computer a visitor's personal data (assign cookie / personal user data). You will then be able to identify each user with whom contact has been made during any visit to your website (e.g.: during a chat, following a purchase, registration to your website, or a simple phone call).

You will be able to find out exactly:

WHO has visited your website on a particular day/time

WHICH PRODUCTS/SERVICES attracted most interest

To the number of daily contacts, typical of traditional statistics, SV User Statistics adds the complete list of visitors identified by their personal data.

You will therefore be able to target your products with one-to-one marketing techniques.

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